Securing Your Rifle Scope Mounting Systems

It is hard to stress how important it is to correctly install your rifle scope mounting system. By not placing the scope correctly onto the weapon you might risk ruining both the scope and weapon, as well as having to deal with all the aiming and stability problems such bad installation will bring with it.

The quality of the scope mount system is just as important as is its correct installation. After all a cheap scope mount system will show its faults only in the field or on the hunt. This way your fun target shooting and hunts can turn into a tiring nightmare of failure, or even worse cause you to injure animals.

The ideal scope mount secures your scope as low as possible over the barrel of your weapon and allows for good eye relief. The scope needs to be absolutely stable on your weapon, while also not being squeezed too hard by the scope rings. Steel is the material you are looking for when you want something strong and aluminum can be a very decent choice as well. Translucent rings are very weak and should be avoided.

Below we’ll look into some types of scopemounts in greater detail… Read More

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