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In the Debate over Gun Control, Go Armed with the Facts

In the Debate over Gun Control, Go Armed with the Facts

NSSF’s “Gun Crimes Plummet Even As Gun Sales Rise” infographic in New York City’s Times Square.

3 teens charged after Australian player slain

With the simplest of motives – breaking up the boredom of an Oklahoma summer – three teenagers followed an Australian collegiate baseball player who was attending school in the U.S. and killed him with a shot to the back for “the fun of it,” prosecutors said Tuesday as they charged 2 of the teens with murder.

Review Of The Magpul AFG

Review Of The Magpul AFG

The Magpul AFG is very different from its many other conventional vertical firearms, this weapon is also known as Angled Fore-Grip and it provides a natural body mechanism along with a comfortable yet stable user interface which is able to cause less fatigue. It also allows for a more precise weapon control.  When the gun is positioned high on the centerline of the bore on the shooter’s hand,  it helps to alleviate and control the weapon thereby allowing for  faster and more accurate shots.

The gun is of slim design which is considerably shorter when compared to the overall length and width compared with the AFG1. Since the gun is of a smaller size, it allows for many varieties of rail covers, rail systems and also accessory mounts.

When you have a tactical grip on the fore grip of your weapon, it is a usual phenomenon. It is with the help of a Tactical grip that you will be able to get the better weapon handling and that too in dynamic situations.
It is for this reason that the American company Magpul has introduced its own AFG grip which is the Angled Fore Grip in many interesting designs. You may be able to see many types of designs in short, long, with bi-pod, folding etc. On taking a closer look, you will be able to tell that it is not a classic “stick”.  It is with the help of an angled grip that you will be able to grab the weapon at the front part of the fore grip. In this way your grip while shooting can be set in the shooting direction and also the behavior of the weapon will be much better than with or without the traditional grip.
The purpose of this firearm is that, it is not enough to support the weapon in your hand. So, when you hold the weapon with your thumb which should be above the fore grip and your other fingers should be positioned in such a  was so that they are able to grip the weapon and also be able to support it from the underside. It will therefore be easier for you to switch from one target to the other when you are firmly holding the weapon.

  • This weapon is easily compatible with any of the 1913 Picatinny-railed weaponry.
  • The weapon takes into account the natural body mechanics.  In this way it is able to offer the user with as comfortable as well as a stable user interface which at the same time minimizes fatigue and allows for more precise firearm control.
  • It is made in the USA!

All in all it is an amazing firearm to possess!


Second-Generation Cap & Ball Colt Sixguns in 36 and 44 Cal.

Second-Generation Cap & Ball Colt Sixguns in 36 and 44 Cal.
The collecting of really old Colt revolvers can easily threaten the bank account, or even shatter it. Not only is collecting the early Colts a costly pastime, you end up with guns not many would want to shoot, especially the black-powder percussion handguns from the Civil War or earlier periods. Of course there are many modern cap-and-ball guns made to satisfy the cravings of those who want to make lots of noise and smoke. But with most of them there’s something missing, as I’m sure many will tell you. The modern guns just are not Colts, though they may look the same. Our Technical Editor Ray Ordorica used to own an original Colt 1860 which, as might be expected, he shot on a regular basis. He shot a six-shot group at 15 yards with the gun that measured 1.4 inches center to center of the widest two, and four of ‘em made a hole less than half an inch between centers.

Czechoslovakia Vs. Serbia: Two Midsize 9mm Pistols Compete
In front of us for this report were two full-size 9mm pistols. They were a surplus CZ 75 (about $350) and a new Tokarev M70A, made in Serbia by Zastava (about $330). Would either of these guns be acceptable for home- or self-defense purposes? We tested with three types of ammo, Independent 115-grain FMJ, RWS 124-grain FMJ, and Black Hills 124-grain JHP +P. Here’s what we found.

Grip Pod, The Best Weapon Stabilization System.

About the Grip Pod

A Grip Pod is an innovative weapon stabilization system with integrated vertical fore grip for certain automatic weapons and assault rifles. The weapon has a strong and stable Bipod for aimed firing to give a grip on the weapon and their leg position’s that mounts at the push button of the user. This not only transforms the weapon into a much handier one but also helps avoiding it from losing its position of firing. These grip attachments manufactured from aerospace materials are specially designed for the military and law enforcements.
This automatic system was created back in 2003. Mr. Joseph R. Moody and Mr. Joseph D. Gaddini laid the foundation. This has successfully been accepted and implemented by the United States Army and Air Force, U.S.M.C, FBI, DEA, Customs Border Patrol, National Guard, British Army and special forces and federal agencies worldwide.

The Grip Pod is not like the usual conventional vertical grips. Rather it enables the gun to perform the bi-pod function to be used on the ground when used from a seated position. This technique is called the simple snap and release design technique.

There is a thick button designed with a texture feel on the side of the Pod. This proves to be helpful in providing grip while firing incase if it’s windy or even raining. By installing the Bipod system we ensure that the rifle will stably hold any surface, be it a table, ground, or any rough surface for that matter and extended in all relevant positions, if sitting or even lying down.
The materials used to design the bipod are high density polymers or stainless steel depending upon the grades. They can be stated flexible because of their strong traction to stabilize and hold the ground well. And this Flexibility proves to be an additional favorable feature as it easily recoils.
Now, the polymers used for different grades are:

  • Stainless steel is used for the Military grade.
  • The super strong polymer is used for the Law enforcement.

Both the models are exceptionally good products. Stainless steel is costlier than any other polymer which means that the law enforcement model is cheaper than the military model.
There are various other models available in the market. There are companies who manufacture genuine models but there are companies who manufacture imitation models also. Like any imitation items available in terms of food, jewelry, electronics we prefer to buy the genuine ones over the imitations simply because they are safe and last longer.
Likewise, while buying the Grip pods, it should be 100% genuine and authentic. There is not much difference in the looks of a genuine and an imitation one but its durability and life surely varies.

The materials used are not completely authentic. Over a period of time system loses its grip or even breaks because it is made up of cheap material. The wing nut also strips that were used when being tightened the barrels.
So, be careful while picking up and prefer genuine products as they last longer.

Australian Man Charged After Gun Shopping Online Delivers M4 Rifle

Australian Man Charged After Gun Shopping Online Delivers M4 Rifle
Police have charged a chef at a resort island off Cairns who allegedly took delivery of an M4 rifle, a gun barrel extension and laser pointer ordered on the internet. Officers are puzzled over how a military-style assault rifle bypassed strict Australian Customs screening and landed in the hands of a chef working on Green Island. Detectives raided the 52-year-old’s Green Island Resort room and uncovered the banned M4 carbine rifle, a gun barrel extension and laser… [Herald Sun (Melbourne) / Courier-Mail (Brisbane), via]

Muzzelite is fast-

Muzzelite is fast

I sent it to my son to convert his 10/22 with a Muzzelite . It took him only minutes to install & shoot. I am a hero again!! its built cheap, but what do you expect, i love how it looks and my gun still shoots great and alot easier to haul it around.

Augment The Way You Shoot With Aimpoint

Augment The Way You Shoot With Aimpoint

Aimpoint has turned out to be a global leader and creator of red dot sights. Aimpoint has worked closely with martial weapon systems, veteran hunters and sharpshooters all around the world for 35 years, after which this creator of red dot sights evolved as most sought-after choice of customers.

In the year 1974, some Swedish entrepreneurs laid down the foundation of a small group to explore different ways of improving shooting accuracy. Company’s goal was simple yet ambitious and it aimed at developing sighting technology to allow shooters accomplish their target with ease. Not only this, Aimpoint also endeavored to hit the moving targets consistently regardless of the lighting conditions and the weather.

Aimpoint left no stone unturned to garner success

In the very beginning, the Aimpoint knew very little about what they were doing, but gradually company revolutionized the entire industry of shooting and hunting. Aimpoint Electronic, the first commercial red dot sight product of company hit the market in the year 1975. Within few days, this evolutionary dot sight product gained popularity as the fastest and the most effective way to target firearm and reach to success. At present, there are around one million Aimpoint red dot sights in operation across the world.

What benefits can Aimpoint red dot sight ensure?

An Aimpoint gun sight improves and simplifies the process of shooting while coping up with the demands reliability, quality and the function. Shooting conditions brought about a significant increase in the demands lined up with the equipment. As far as accuracy is concerned, red dot sight has always been the first priority of shooters. This is because, you do not know when and where you can grab the opportunity of taking the best shot.

Aimpoint red dot sight is a must-have product

To reach to great heights of success, each shooter must know how to aim precisely and speedily under varying conditions. When on shooting range, you get sufficient time to target, but everything seems to be very fast in real situations. Bad weather, stress and rough terrain can test the skills of even the veteran marksman.
The red dot sight has been confirmed as the fastest reticle to hit target and offer the greatest rise in the shooting probability on the moving targets. Moreover, this single sight gives you autonomy to stay focused when it comes to hit the target. Shooting while keeping your eyes open probably means that you are focused on what is going on and can efficiently deal with evolving situations. Red dot sight is undoubtedly better than iron sights in manifold ways.

Aimpoint’s different kinds of demanding users include:

Hunters: hunters across the world have been using Aimpoint sights for years to take almost any sort of game.
Viable pistol shooters: Even the spirited pistol shooters performing on international platforms depend upon the exactitude of “rugged precision instruments”.
Military and policemen: Police forces and the military persons all around the globe have used red dot sights for 20 years.
In the year 1997, Aimpoint was honored with first military bond for red dot sight by U.S. Army. Since then, this Swedish group continued to deliver a considerable number of red dot sights to patrons like US Army, US SOCOM, Swedish Army, US Air Force, Danish Army, French Army, Italian Army and Finnish Army.

Adams Arms Piston System

Adams Arms was founded by Jason Adams. Our mission is to meet the engineering and design needs that will improve any flaws in the current AR15/M-16 rifle platform.

There are those that believe the current AR15/M-16 Platform should be replaced with newer rifles costing much more than the current system in place. What these companies and/or designers fail to recognize is that there are millions of the these rifles already in service around the world, whether owned by Private Citizens, Military, or Law Enforcement.

The Retro-Fit Piston Driven System developed by Adams Arms will transform and revolutionize the AR15/M-16 Rifle into a modern day platform that will continue to be relevant for many more decades to come.

Additionally the Retro-Fit System offered by Adams Arms will save Law Enforcement, Private Citizens, and other entities thousands of dollars by offering a simple upgrade option, instead of costly replacements.