Review Of The Magpul AFG

Review Of The Magpul AFG

The Magpul AFG is very different from its many other conventional vertical firearms, this weapon is also known as Angled Fore-Grip and it provides a natural body mechanism along with a comfortable yet stable user interface which is able to cause less fatigue. It also allows for a more precise weapon control.  When the gun is positioned high on the centerline of the bore on the shooter’s hand,  it helps to alleviate and control the weapon thereby allowing for  faster and more accurate shots.

The gun is of slim design which is considerably shorter when compared to the overall length and width compared with the AFG1. Since the gun is of a smaller size, it allows for many varieties of rail covers, rail systems and also accessory mounts.

When you have a tactical grip on the fore grip of your weapon, it is a usual phenomenon. It is with the help of a Tactical grip that you will be able to get the better weapon handling and that too in dynamic situations.
It is for this reason that the American company Magpul has introduced its own AFG grip which is the Angled Fore Grip in many interesting designs. You may be able to see many types of designs in short, long, with bi-pod, folding etc. On taking a closer look, you will be able to tell that it is not a classic “stick”.  It is with the help of an angled grip that you will be able to grab the weapon at the front part of the fore grip. In this way your grip while shooting can be set in the shooting direction and also the behavior of the weapon will be much better than with or without the traditional grip.
The purpose of this firearm is that, it is not enough to support the weapon in your hand. So, when you hold the weapon with your thumb which should be above the fore grip and your other fingers should be positioned in such a  was so that they are able to grip the weapon and also be able to support it from the underside. It will therefore be easier for you to switch from one target to the other when you are firmly holding the weapon.

  • This weapon is easily compatible with any of the 1913 Picatinny-railed weaponry.
  • The weapon takes into account the natural body mechanics.  In this way it is able to offer the user with as comfortable as well as a stable user interface which at the same time minimizes fatigue and allows for more precise firearm control.
  • It is made in the USA!

All in all it is an amazing firearm to possess!


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