Wave of Bombings, Shootings Kills 38 in Iraq

Wave of Bombings, Shootings Kills 38 in Iraq

Snowden Affair Chills US-Latin American Ties

Possession of Firearms in Home, begets New Jersey Man 30 days in Jail
McDonald, and the ruling in the recently decided New Jersey Appellate Division matter, IMO of the Application for a New Jersey Permit to Carry a Handgun by Richard Pantano … Louis P. Nappen, Esq. of the Nappen Law Firm (www.evannappen.com) immediately …

Two arrested, six illegal firearms seized
HYDERABAD: Langer Houz police nabbed inter-state robber Arif, who earlier threatened police with a firearm and gave the slip to them last week. They also recovered six firearms from his possession on Saturday. Police said that Arif and his …

Use of firearms increase in Mohali
MOHALI: The use of licensed firearms in violence has become routine affair in Mohali. A total 13 incidents of bloody clashes in which revolvers, pistols were used have been reported during the past 14 months in the district. In some of the cases …

CDM Gear BMT with 3 slot rail – Shotgun Flashlight Mount | MSP
The BMT clamp is lighter than the factory Remington stamped steel clamp that comes on the Remington 870 with an extended magazine tube. You can mount a variety of …

Activists Mount New Campaign for Religious Freedom

Firearms Officer Fined Over PC’s Gun Death
A police firearms officer has been found guilty of breaching health and safety rules after another officer died during a training exercise. Father-of-two PC Ian Terry, from Burnley in Lancashire, was shot dead during the exercise in a disused warehouse in …

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