Rifle Slings

5/31/2012 2:13:29 PM Originally Posted By MOUNT-N-SLOT: Thanks for the post! Sorry for the delay… Easter weekend with the family… This might be too much detail, if so, it might benefit others. The end of the rifle sling comes with webbing, which you can thread through the OCP or Magpul Slings‘s MSA. If you thread the rifle sling through either of these, it is not quickly detachable. This is where you would use either an HK or MASH HOOK, which threads onto the rifle sling and then allows you to clip into either the OCP or MSA. Both the MSA & OCP protrude from the weapon, creating a potential snag hazard. Although most find this to be a non-issue. Both types of hooks do rattle, which can be annoying. Another type of quick detach link between rifle sling and rifle sling mount attached to the Magpul MOErifle sling Swivel which plugs into either one of these three rifle sling Mounts: QD MICRO, QD Rot. Limited, or QD rifle sling Mount. All three receive the shaft of the Push Button QD.

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