so… a queshion for youse guys…

so… a queshion for youse guys…
it has been demilled and they say it is gonna sell for $40-50k. Figure buyers premium, fees, transpo…

Have the parent BMP, TIF and PDF copy on line ….
Plus a large and now reasonable size jpg ….

Elderly deer hunter rescued from island in Horicon Marsh
Officials said he had no way of calling for help – and except for a small flashlight, he was not carrying any survival equipment. His family was looking for him Monday evening when they found his truck at a boat landing, and they called for help.

Bakken Directory 2012: Larson Electronics’ releases ATEX approved flashlight
Larson Electronics’ said Sept. 4 that approved under both UL and ATEX safety standards; the EXPRL-91 Intrinsically Safe LED is an ideal portable light source for workers in hazardous locations within both the U.S. and European Union.

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