California Call to Action: Two Anti-Gun Bills are Expected to be Heard Next Tuesday

California Call to Action: Two Anti-Gun Bills are Expected to be Heard Next Tuesday
On Tuesday, April 2, the Assembly Committee on Public Safety will consider two drastic and sweeping restrictions on the sale of lawful firearms and ammunition in California. Assembly Bill 48(Skinner), would ban the sale of magazine parts kits that can hold more than ten cartridges, it would ban the sale or transfer of ammunition by anyone other than a licensed firearms dealer and would require that every single ammunition transfer be reported to the state.  Under this unprecedented attack on ammunition, millions of law-abiding gun owners would become criminals. The other bill is, Assembly Bill 169 (Dickinson), which would ban the sale and transfer of firearms that are not currently on California’s roster of handguns approved for sale in the state.  In doing so, this bill would prohibit the transfer of millions of lawfully-owned handguns and jeopardize their continued ownership.

NRA’s New Commentators Pander To Women, Minorities, Veterans
WASHINGTON — The National Rifle Association this week debuted a new lineup of special commentators — three young adults whose biographies are tailor-made to appeal to three groups the NRA is targeting with special outreach programs: minorities …

Gun sellers burdened enough
Gun control advocates complain that Congress stopped the Bureau of Alcohol, Tobacco, Firearms and Explosives from making firearms dealers conduct costly annual inventories to keep their records straight. But ATF already has the power to investigate records and inventories in a number of common sense circumstances, such as a criminal investigation or when there is a suspected violation.Common sense tells us that placing additional burdens on law abiding gun retailers will do nothing to reduce crime, but placing the full weight of our criminal justice system on lawbreakers will.

Missouri: Senate endorses amendment to bolster gun rights
The Missouri Senate has given first round approval to a proposed constitutional amendment bolstering certain gun rights after a Democratic state senator blocked a vote for several hours.

Arkansas: Important Pro-Gun Bills Advance to Senate Floor
Yesterday, House Bill 1819, an important protection to the Emergency Powers statute, passed in the Senate Committee on State Agencies and Governmental Affairs with a “Do Pass” recommendation.  HB 1819, introduced by state Representative Charlotte Vining Douglas (R-75), would prohibit any Arkansas Governor from imposing restrictions on the transfer or transportation of lawfully possessed firearms during a declared State of Emergency.  HB 1819 could now be considered on the Senate floor at any time.

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